About the Firm

The Law Offices of Justin B. Stivers LLC is a leading probate law firm known for its results driven philosophy. We understand that most people’s first interaction with probate attorneys is when they have lost someone. Generally, they are still grieving and are unsure of what to do next. Often, the friends and family members of the deceased are at a loss of what the next steps are and how to proceed. We treat our clients with the sympathy and respect they deserve and feel that it is our duty to make sure the probate process is explained to them clearly and that they know exactly what to expect. It is equally important to us that our client’s get the results they deserve.

Unfortunately, probate can be a sensitive topic and many people tend to avoid it rather than face it. We completely understand that dealing with an estate’s assets may be one of the last things a person wants to deal with after losing a loved one. This is why we gratefully accept the responsibility to be put in charge of a loved one’s affairs so that you may have one last thing to deal with during this difficult time.

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